Now Magazine

by Steve Davey (2007)

Housed in a well-warm Victorian, this Milan-inspired panini shoppe offers a stylish northern Italian sandwiched sided with terrific soups, dependable salads and first-rate pasta specials. Best: eponymous panini piled with smoked turkey, smokier provolone, lettuce, tomato and spicy pesto pipotto sauce on sandwich-pressed calabrese bread brushed with olive oil; the Topo Gigio with melted brie, sun-dried tomatoes and arugula on grilled rustic ciabatta.

Vegetarian calzones stuffed with wilted lettuce, eggplant, plump seedless tomato, bell pepper and soy mozarella; robust daily pasta specials of penne drenched in parmesan, good olive oil, fresh spinach and red-chili-spiked tomato concasse. Complete meals for $13, including all taxes, tip and an Italian soda. The average main is $7.